How it works


Please call us at (707) 539-2727 to schedule your first appointment. Appointments may be scheduled Monday through Saturday, 10:30 am through 4:30 pm.


At your appointment you may bring up to 20 items for us to look at. Clothing must be brought in unwrinkled and on hangers. Your hangers will be returned to you on any items we accept. Accepted items will be kept on consignment for 60 days and you will be given a pick up date should you wish to retrieve any unsold items at the end of their consignment period.


The nicer your things look the better chance they have of being accepted and then purchased. Are your clothes clean, pressed, scent free and checked over carefully for missing buttons, holes, stains or pilling? Do your shoes look almost new on the soles, no real wear on the heels? Are your purses cleaned out of lint and spot cleaned from smudges?


Items should be current within the last 3 years, unless a piece is a true classic-design or pre-1970’s vintage. We do not accept clothes with the label cut out. We look for clothes from higher end stores and generally don’t accept items from Target, Old Navy, Wal-mart, K Mart, forever 21, etc.. These stores sell their merchandise at such a reduced rate that it doesn’t make sense to sell items from them on consignment.


Generally, items will be priced at about 1/3rd of what they would cost new. For instance, a jacket by Ellen Tracy that was $120 new would be priced $38 – $48 depending on style and condition. Our goal is to price your items in a way that will make you money and make the buyer happy for getting a great deal.